Skokie AC Repair 

Repairs for All AC Brands in Wheeling, Crystal Lake, & Highland Park 

When the heat and humidity increase, we rely on our air conditioners to stay cool and comfortable. If your AC unit isn’t working correctly, the pros at MMDS are here to help restore your indoor comfort. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to provide AC repair in Skokie, Wheeling, Crystal Lake, and Highland Park for all air conditioner brands and models. 

If your air conditioner isn’t keeping the house comfortable, call (847) 505-0998 to schedule your AC repair. 

Fixing Air Conditioning Problems

If the temperature is rising but the house isn’t cooling, there is a problem with your air conditioning system. When your air conditioning system is not working at all or not cooling the house enough, it’s important to deal with the issue immediately to avoid extreme heat in the house and additional damage to the equipment. 

Call for help with an air conditioner that: 

  • Suddenly stops working: When an air conditioning system suddenly stops working, the problem could be in the motor, thermostat, or a tripped circuit breaker. You can check the thermostat and make sure the breaker isn’t tripped before calling for repairs. 
  • Blows warm or hot air: You expect cool air when the air conditioner is turned on. If the air coming from the vents feels warm or hot, the refrigerant may be low, or a coil could be frozen. 
  • Makes loud, strange noises: If your air conditioner suddenly starts making loud screeching or rattling noises, it could be a faulty belt, compressor, fan, or motor. 
  • Leaks: A leak can be either refrigerant or water. When the condensate drain lines become clogged or the drip pan is cracked, it can cause a leak. 
  • Doesn’t evenly cool the house: When you have areas of the house that are significantly warmer or cooler than other areas, the system may be unbalanced. 

Identifying the root cause of air conditioning problems can be tricky, since one issue can have a number of different causes. A qualified HVAC technician has the training, tools, and expertise to evaluate your system, find the reason for the malfunction, and get it fixed quickly and efficiently.  

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Reducing the Need for AC Repairs

AC issues can be prevented or found early and fixed quickly when you keep up with AC maintenance. In addition to decreasing your repair costs, professional maintenance can help reduce your monthly utility bills, improve indoor air quality, and extend the life of your air conditioning system.

Scheduling regular professional maintenance also helps protect your warranty coverage, since maintenance is a requirement for most warranties. For most residential systems, annual maintenance is recommended.

Call for Dependable AC Repair

If your air conditioner isn’t running or the system turns on but doesn’t cool the house, we urge you to call us for AC repair in Skokie as soon as possible. Our technicians will inspect your system to find the problem and provide quality repairs with upfront pricing and quality service.

Give us a call at (847) 505-0998 to get your AC unit working again.

    “I just used this company to install four furnaces at my investment property. They did a great job and cleaned up after themselves better than it probably looked in the first place. All the guys were very nice and pleasant. Great pricing as well. Can’t say enough.”

    Scott M.